I talked with three peoples

1) Anwar Iqbal

2) Waleed Mughal

3) Mr Azeem

Mr Anwar have a life of purpose by his dream. He want to become a counterpane. and in this way he want to serve the humanity by giving them job.

Mr. Waleed Mughal has a unique purpose of life. He want to contribute into the society where he want to promote the Islamic studies by promoting Mosque cultures.

Mr Azeem has life purpose of setting up his own construction company and be an entrepreneur.

I have learnt a lot from this activity. I found that everyone has his own life purpose and his life purpose may be depends upon the family financial conditions or the challenges that he himself faced during his life. On the same line the costs or sacrifices that are to be made to achieve purpose of life are different also. I am glad to compare my purpose of life with others as it seems to be more long termed and more versatile in nature. And it is something related to humanity and bringing a positive change in the life of the miseries either they are orphans, olds or poor people of our society.


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